Worst used Buzzword offenders named

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Buzzwords, and the worst offender has been named and shamed.

LinkedIn found that the word “creative” was guilty of slaughtering the ears of marketing professionals across the UK, with “strategic” and “motivated” following close behind taking second and third place respectively.
Studying the language of its 17 million UK members, LinkedIn sought to find which buzzwords cropped up most often.
Take a look of the top 10 overused buzzwords, are you guilty of dispatching an overused offender?:

1. Creative
2. Strategic
3. Motivated
4. Passionate
5. Driven
6. Track record
7. Enthusiastic
8. Innovative
9. Ambitious
10. Extensive experience

Richard George, a LinkedIn spokesperson, said: “Marketers spend their lives building the brands of their companies and clients, so should be experts at building their own brands.

“We’ve revealed these “buzzwords” to illustrate how important it is to differentiate your own brand as well as that of the organisation you work for. By avoiding these commonly used words, marketers can make sure their profiles stand out from the crowd.”

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