The Micropreneur™

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This is a business accelerator course in the true sense of the words. It brings together a huge accumulation of knowledge and expertise collated and delivered by successful entrepreneurs. This is not an academic exercise, it is a tightly focused set of business building steps delivered in a series of modules.

The course sets out to develop the person together with the business. It begins with looking at their strengths and weaknesses then establishing a support plan for the individual who is essential as the lynch pin of the business enterprise. Then we introduce the business concept and from that point the two threads are developed, grown and strengthened in tandem.

Unless both function effectively, the whole enterprise will not grow. The course is both practical and tactical with professional input from experts at all stages.

The course will flow logically; developing you, the business idea, setting up the business operation, looking at legal and financial issues, establishing the marketing in all its variants and finally building the sales operation.

There is also an optional extension to ongoing 121 mentoring support.

The course requires completing 30 hours of learning over a 10 week period. Each session lasts 2 hours with an additional hour available either face to face or online. The course will allow access to an additional 20 hours of remote mentoring over a 12 month period.

How will I be taught?

We work in small groups on generic material in a tutoring approach where both the entrepreneur tutor can interact and facilitate discussion between all. We have found that through this method a number of natural collaborations have developed. The participant will be expected to carry out exercises and tasks in support of their business growth that will feed into the learning programme.

What will be the outcome of this programme?

You will have been taken through a logical and we believe enjoyable process that will provide you with; an understanding of self-management; of business operations; legal and financial issues; a methodology to define your product and profile your customers for effective targeting. It will develop your sales pitch, creating your enterprise’s vocabulary and key words of engagement together with an indication of appropriate images. It will outline the steps to reaching your sales goals – creating a marketing plan and the contents for your business plan generating outline costs and profits for cash flow forecasts. Above all, it will give focus to your resources in terms of energy, time and finance. You will have a sound footing from which to grow your enterprise.

How will feedback and assessment be given?

In each segment of the learning modules there are exercises that need to be completed. These will be reviewed with the participant. Each will provide an ongoing resource for growing your business and should be kept “alive” as you move forward. If you wish to progress onto the certified stage of the course then all of these will be collated as a work portfolio and the final assessment made upon a completed business plan.


We seek to add value to the experience and will endeavour to provide opportunities to meet a variety of entrepreneur experts in their field.


The fee for this course is £1,500.00
Certification fee is £35
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ncmbmicropreneurmatrixonlyA Business Accelerator programme for those on the business growth journey.

Delivered in a series of modules; workshop based with additional one to one sessions for individual support and mentoring.

This programme is available in two levels;

1: Micropreneur for those with existing businesses seeking growth business growth.

2: An entry level course; NewMe™ for Pre-Start – those considering starting self-employment or New-Start for those with a business idea in mind and already established for a short time and needing direction.

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