Home based businesses in West Kent are able to benefit from a publicly funded initiative sponsored by the West Kent Partnership (Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks Councils) in association with Kent County Council. For those working from home there are a myriad of issues that have shown that could benefit from a helping hand. From the simple to the serious; from technical, computer, communications, to sales and marketing; websites, building the sales pitch, producing a video for the web, branding and writing good copy. To back it all up we cover trading standards, legal and local planning rules and regulations and potential access to finance.

For those that are unsure what to do next or what is the route to expanding activities – and growing profitability, a conversation with an experienced mentor is of huge value. For those seeking tangible resources from design to access to a commercial kitchen – our network is huge.

We take away the unknown and prioritise your actions through our tried and tested planning tool. We help put in place the productivity solutions for you, drawing on our creative marketing experience and network of specialist advisers combining learning with doing, building a business which is Fit to supply; Fit for investment; Fit to employ and Fit to grow.

Behind all of this, the research undertaken to support the project clearly delivers the message that there is also a level of social isolation that can hold back productivity and growth for those with the desire and ambition to expand their business.

The scheme specifically provides for delivering one to one advice sessions for practical business tips and guidance for maintaining your home based business or taking the path to growth. Events will be introduced as demand dictates but in the first place we set out to supplement those networking groups already in place.

Specialists in their field, The National for Micro Business, led by Kent entrepreneurs in a social enterprise, have been commissioned to deliver this project. The Centre’s Directors, Roger Gabriel and Roger House are well connected in the business and public sectors and have a considerable network to tap into together with a group of specialist mentors to draw experience from. Their own experience includes successful startups to multimillion pound growth; business ownership, London advertising agency ownership, public relations and journalism and employment in senior local authority positions.

Follow the scheme on Twitter @MicroCentreCIC and #hbb and #workingfromhome

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