Finance SatNav™

Finance SatNavA critically proven workshop that genuinely benefits everyone considering a business or working on an established one wanting to improve their financial thinking, improve sales and focus resources in the most effective way.
Setting off on any long term journey sensibly demands that a route is planned on a map to arrive at a destination in the most cost effective and appropriate manner. Just so is the financial journey.
This workshop is quite intensive in that it will drive the participant to consider in depth exactly how they manage the financial side of their business. Topics covered include:

  • Selecting your company structure
  • Understanding statutory obligations
  • Organising record and bookkeeping
  • Raising finance and writing a Business Plan
  • HMRC and tax obligations
  • Understanding profit and loss
  • Getting paid on time; terms and conditions
  • Managing your overheads, setting your prices
  • Cashflow and forecasting
  • Getting help: Banks, Accountants, Bookkeepers

It is a process that has been tried and tested many times by ourselves both in micro businesses and in international product development. It really works!

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