Home Based BusinessHome At NCMB we are passionate about providing practical and tactical support for micro businesses. In some areas in Kent we are funded to provide this free of charge but elsewhere we provide free access ourselves to spread the message of capability, efficiency and effectiveness using our well tried and tested methods. Over the last four to five years we have assisted around 400 micro business – pre-start, early start, startup and growth seekers.

Apart from these free services we have put together a micro-friendly price list for workshops and individual consultations.

The NCMB programme
We work in many areas with the help of local colleges and local authorities. Please keep an eye on our events calendar.

West Kent Business support programme
We are now able to continue to offer FREE 1 to 1 advice to small local businesses who are residents of the West Kent Kent local authorities of Tonbridge and Malling, Tunbridge Wells or Sevenoaks to help them grow and develop. Covering a huge variety of business types and stages of business, we are pleased that the reviews we have received are more than positive and that our contracts continue to be renewed.

Home Based Businesses
As part of the micro business community, Homebased businesses form a huge percentage of the economy. By their very nature, there is a proven need to break isolation, get assistance easily and develop successfully. At NCMB, we have put together a whole range of workshop and face to face sessions to help make a difference.

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We are looking forward to helping you out – so what you waiting for!