Digital Inclusion – where do you fit in?

The government has published its latest report outlining their digital inclusion strategy – here’s the link; government digital inclusion strategy

Here are a few facts and figures that stood out for us:

smartphones1.       89% of young people now use a smartphone or tablet to go online (up from 43% in 2010).

2.       In 2017, UK consumers are expected to spend £107 billion online.

3.       It’s estimated that off-line households are missing out on savings of up to £560 per year, from shopping and paying bills online.

4.       81% of people over 55 say that being online makes them feel part of modern society and less lonely.

5.       Full digital take-up across the population could add £63 billion of value to the UK economy.

6.       Government (in partnership with Go ON UK) intend to reduce people who are offline by 25% by 2016, and then continue to do that every 2 years.

7.       21% of Britain’s population lack the basic digital skills to properly access the internet.

8.       It is believed (by government) that just under 10% of the adult population may never be able to gain basic digital skills, because of disabilities or basic literacy skills. Government are looking at assisted digital strategies to provide support to this group.

9.       The main challenges that have been identified are; access, skills, motivation and trust.

10.   Digital exclusion. This is an interesting stat. 21% of people can’t use the web, and 14% of people don’t have any internet access. Therefore, 7% of people have internet access but don’t use it in ways that could benefit them.

Digital11.   37% of digitally excluded people are in social housing

12.   33% of people with registered disabilities have never used the internet. This equates to 54% of the total number of people who have never been online.

13.   One thing useful to note; the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills gives funding to organisations providing skills and support to individuals.

14.   The government’s Digital Inclusion Scale is in the report from page 37 to page 41, and makes for an interesting overview of different perspectives.

15.   When questioned as to why they didn’t use the internet, 82% said it was because they weren’t interested, 38.7% thought there was nothing interesting online and 35.7% were worried about their privacy.

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