Business SatNav™

“BusinessA critically proven workshop that genuinely benefits everyone considering a business or working on an established one wanting to find new customers, improve sales and focus resources in the most effective way.
Setting off on any long term journey sensibly demands that a route is planned on a map to arrive at a destination in the most cost effective and appropriate manner. Just so is the business journey. The map is the market place and the journey is the overall process of targeting the customer.
This workshop is quite intensive in that it will drive the participant to consider in depth exactly what it is they are selling and define the product. It will then set out to design, or profile the customer that makes the best fit with each product definition.
Once this work has been undertaken, we analyse those customers and “backcast” the journey to them. This will mostly generate a number of options and the final task at this stage is to determine which would give the quick win and which will give the most profitable one.
From these steps, the participant will have the foundation for creating their business and marketing plans, with indicators of resources required and costings. It will also focus action and create an measurable list with key performance indicators.
The Business SatNav™ will fundamentally establish the journey options to optimum customers. It is a process that has been tried and tested many times by ourselves both in micro businesses and in international product development. It really works!

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