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These sessions are specifically designed for those who have recently established their own business and need help and support. We don’t build businesses, we set out to build people and then support those people in building a business.

  • Are you fit for purpose
  • Company structure and corporate image
  • Researching the market
  • Defining your product
  • Profiling your first customers
  • Looking at the money
  • Your Business Satnav™
  • Financial; funding and planning, Tax and HMRC
  • Financial; cashflow and bookkeeping
  • Have you got a viable proposition
  • Marketing basics; the Business Satnav™
  • Marketing Offline (includes design, wordcraft, and image sourcing).
  • Marketing Online (basics of web and social media).
  • Creating the Pitch
  • Legal issues; Intellectual property; Terms and Conditions; insurances

Other specific workshops we have delivered are as follows:

  • Starting a business for the 50+
  • Business for Creatives
  • Be your Own Boss (programme in association with the Job Centres).
  • Early stage mentoring