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Home Based BusinessPrice ListResourcesHome Through the NCMB you have access to practical workshops to get you in a position to better help yourself. Understand what is an entrepreneur, what it means to be your own boss – The NewMe™ and put a plan into action.

Through the NCMB you have access to learning, teaching, training programmes together with practical workshops to get you in a position to help yourself.

When working from home there are a myriad of issues that could benefit from a helping hand. From feeling isolated or from the simple to the serious; from technical, computer, communications, to sales and marketing; websites, building the sales pitch, producing a video for the web, branding, marketing and writing good copy.

To back it all up we cover trading standards, legal and local planning rules and regulations and potential access to finance.

A conversation with an experienced entrepreneur/mentor is of huge value – our network is huge.

Below, we offer a range of bite sized introductory workshops.


  • How to build a home based business – Be Your Own Boss, research for a viable proposition, the business vehicle, setting up an efficient office function, managing yourself.
  • How to create a marketing strategy online and offline: The NCMB Business SatNav™. What, who, when, where and how.
  • How to create a corporate perception; design, words, images.
  • How to create a business plan; for yourself; for financing.
  • How to manage accounting, tax, HMRC, cashflow, legal issues IP, planning regulations, seeking funding.
  • How to go about selling; your pitch, networking.
  • How to source a Mentor; getting specialist advice.

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