Free consultations

  • Are you thinking of starting, have started, or want to grow your own business?
  • Would you benefit from the advice of an experienced entrepreneur?
  • Do you need impartial, practical help to boost your business performance?

If you answered YES to any of the above and want to find out more – click here

All our practitioners have donated their services to act as a mentors.  If you live in West Kent this service is completely FREE.

Start Up Show 1 to 1

Free 1 to 1

At the consultation there will be an opportunity to share your thinking with a third party who is experienced in a broad range of business areas.  We will review with you your objectives, review your approach and the resources you will need to successfully achieve them.

For further details of this and other services we offer please contact us here … NOTE: We need a phone number and where you are based so we can select the right person to make contact.

It is important to remember our mentors freely give their time, and if we make you an appointment it is only courteous to make every effort attend!


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