The 12 Hour Business School

Create your personal route to business success

If you are a resident within the West Kent areas of Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells or Tonbridge and Malling districts you can apply for this 12 hours of free business support. If you live in Kent outside these areas you can still apply for help by clicking here.

Joining the Business School requires a commitment from you to take the full 12 hours, but we promise you the value of this course will be worth every minute.

What you will get from this course:

● Individually tailored business support including hands on assistance through to ongoing mentoring
● A fully funded programme tailored to your agenda
● Following a proven formula delivering optimum business performance
● Mapping all business processes in a logical and manageable step by step route
● Creating your business and marketing plans
● Working with experienced business practitioners providing valuable solutions
● A focus on practical and tactical solutions
● An understanding of the business operation issues
● A method to define your sales proposition
● A process to profile your optimum customers
● A process to optimise your efforts and focus activity
● A route to establishing your marketing plan
● The creation of an effective sales pitch
● A process to engage with targeted opportunities
● The creation of effective customer journeys
● Production of a viable business plan to guide or for funding
● Make the sales profitably and sustainably
● 12 hours support can also be used to support applications to LoCASE, the SEBB grant, LEADER, KMBF and any other ERDF funded programmes

“A micro business course with a macro impact to get you up and running fast and efficiently”

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call 0300 030 9660

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