About Us

We set up NCMB as a company with a deep social ethos.

Fit to Grow

Fit to Grow™

What that means to us is this; we work with people and it is the people that come first; then the business and its viability and onward sustainability.

The people we work with are diverse. In start-up stage there is huge nervousness of what the future may bring; we outline the pitfalls and the highlights.

We set out to transform people’s lives by their success. We aim to establish a framework and build on their inner strengths and their ambitions, turning a passion into a reality, or a need into a practical possibility.

We work with people of all ethnicities and ages. We set out to bring diverse parts of the community together in collaboration for a common goal – a successful venture. We work with the able bodied, and the more challenged; from the military rehabilitation centres, the Job Centres, from young starters to older returns to work. Where feasible, we encourage and support collaboration.

The National Centre for Micro Business Ltd
Registered Office: 116 Greenhill Road, Herne Bay, Kent. CT6 7RR
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