Through our SME business support programme, LoCASE has assisted over 300 firms in the region with upwards of £2 million of grants for a number of projects.

More information about the grants is available on our website – link at the bottom of this page.

An extensive list of capital expenditure covered under the LoCASE grant is given below however, there is flexibility if an energy savings and therefore carbon saving can be made:
• Energy efficient lighting
• Lighting controls
• New heating systems, boilers or upgrades such as new burners
• Heating controls (including weather/load compensators, boiler energy managers)
• Time and Temperature Zone controls
• Heat recovery systems (including economisers)
• Building controls systems, including building management systems
• Air recirculation systems
• Vehicle access doors – secondary doors, docking seals, fast acting roller shutter doors to create an air lock
• De-stratification fans
• Variable speed drive fan and/or motor controls
• High efficiency fans and/or motors
• Solar shading, blinds and solar film to reduce heat gain
• Timers for electrical equipment
• Flat screen monitors to replace CRT models
• Multi-function devices to replace separate printers, photocopiers and fax machines
• Automatic or rapid closing doors to cold stores
• Covers for open refrigeration cabinets to reduce load during non-trading hours
• Draught proofing for doors and windows
• Adding insulation for roof spaces, suspended floors, cavity walls and solid walls
• Insulation for pipe-work & valves
• Air compressor controls
• Voltage Optimisation/Power Factor Correction units
• Thermal storage systems

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