Going for Growth

5-growthWhere you have gone beyond the startup phase of a business, there comes a point with many of us where we perhaps falter and would benefit from someone looking over our shoulder and challenging our thinking. Who better than successful entrepreneurs to provide mentoring.  Please contact us for details of our bespoke and group packages.

What we can do

What we can do

For those that need more, we have a full service capability for delivering quick practical solutions on a commercial basis. Call us for further details.

  • Getting Fit to Grow
  • Advanced Business Plans for funding
  • Preparing for tendering and large contracts
  • Advanced: Financial; cashflow and bookkeeping
  • Advanced Customer SatNav™
  • Advanced Offline Marketing; copywriting; media management; design
  • Advanced Online Marketing; Web management; Social media; SEO; Pitch & Put™
  • Preparing to employ; the growth watershed, HR; Health & Safety; people management.
  • Mentoring for growth

Please get in contact to find out more