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Need advice? Want more than just training or coaching? We are different, we support the individual all the way, working with you, delivering solutions, and what’s more, we take pride in our personal attention.

The National Centre for Micro Business acts as an umbrella for a diverse group of business specialists who have set out to provide support, guidance and practical input to get micro businesses up and running fast – and professionally.

We go beyond coaching and training by setting out to work with and alongside the participant. Our success and that of those we work with has stemmed from this one to one approach. Learning packages include original material designed by successful entrepreneurs; Customer SatNav™ is our flagship startup programme and MicroPreneur™ is our advanced business accelerator programme. This is backed by our practical support services providing what is in essence a full agency service.

Looking for business premises in Kent – have a look at Locate in Kent website and use their property search tools.